Dr. Murray, 'Last Man Standing'

conrad murray speaks out

Michael Jackson's physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, is speaking out about being the "last man standing" when Jackson died -- and how he fears being a "scapegoat" for those responsible for his death.

Los Angeles authorities are currently targeting Murray in a manslaughter investigation, and his legal counsel tells The Daily Beast that his client is prepared for any indictment -- and is confidant they'll come out on top. "Dr. Murray told the truth from the very first interviews with the police," said Matt Alford, one of Ed Chernoff's partners. "His story has never changed."

Dr. Murray admits that the fallout since the pop icon's death has been "terrible," and he constantly travels with a bodyguard after receiving numerous death threats.

The doc also dismisses being labeled a "concierge doctor" or "enabling doctor," saying, "I am neither." Conrad continued, saying that his biggest fear is that he "will be made a scapegoat" in Michael's death.

Still, Dr. Murray has faith that by telling the truth, his innocence will prevail. "I have always believed that if I simply tell the truth, I will be exonerated." He explains further, saying that exoneration is important to repair his reputation. "I will regain my dignity."