La Toya: We're 'Holding Up Fine'

Michael Jackson's sister La Toya is opening up to "Extra" about how her family is coping, plus why she opted out of "Dancing with the Stars," and how she's working to keep Michael's legacy alive with her new single, "Home."

"Everybody's holding up the best they can," La Toya says of her family adjusting to the loss of Michael. "It's one of those moments where you don't bounce back immediately. But everyone's doing fine."

Jackson also opened up about turning down "Dancing with the Stars," saying, "My mind is really preoccupied with something else. I'm devoting my time right now to what's going on with my brother. I love the show. I want to be on it, but I want the attention focused there."

La Toya insists that while she's not appearing on the show, she'll be watching. "My mother and I watch the show all the time. All the time. We're still gonna watch."

Jackson recently finished recording her new single, "Home," and dished to "Extra" about the song's connection to Michael. "'Home' was a song that was written a couple of years ago and it deals with what happens with a large family and what takes place when you divide and split up." She adds, "All the proceeds are going to one of Michael's charities he donated to all the time, AIDS Project Los Angeles. I am so very proud of that. That makes me very happy that I'm still giving, what he would want."