Dr. Murray's Legal Worries

more legal trouble for dr. conrad murray

Conrad Murray has more than one arrest in his past -- "Extra" has obtained a police report from when Michael Jackson's former doc was nabbed in Nashville in 1985 on charges of a fraudulent breach of trust.

TMZ claims today that the doctor -- who could face manslaughter charges in Michael's death -- also kept a second storage unit in Las Vegas, apart from the unit that raided by feds.

Investigators believe Murray may have been storing propofol in different locations. Anesthesiologist Bita Nasseri tells "Extra" that just because the doc was a cardiologist does not mean he knew how to properly administer the drug. "As an anesthesiologist I'm shocked... we don't take medical remedies into our homes and use them as home remedies."

Jackson wasn't the only star treated by Dr. Murray -- he was also a personal physician to the late James Brown. New reports claim that Jackson and Brown were inseparable and used the same "safe doctors" who could allegedly get the singers anything they wanted.

Brown died of heart failure in 2006.