15 Things You Didn't Know about Adam Sandler

Did you know several of Adam's acting teachers in college wrote negative evaluations, saying that Adam's inattention gave them doubts he would ever succeed as an actor? He sure proved 'em wrong! Find out more fun facts about Adam Sandler, whose film "Funny People" opens July 31st!

15 Facts about Adam Sandler

Loves of His Life

Adam and his wife, Jackie, were married on June 22, 2003. They have two daughters; Sadie Madison and Sunny Madeline.

Brotherly Love

When Adam was 12, he sang the popular song, You’re Sixteen at his sister’s wedding.

Topping the Charts

Adam’s first comedy album They’re All Gonna Laugh at You! was nominated for a Grammy and spent more than 100 weeks on the Billboard chart.

A True Comedic Talent

Adam never prepares for his comedy acts. He always does them on the spot.

How it All Started

Though goofy as a child, Sandler never aspired to be a comedian until age 17 when his brother encouraged him to perform at a Boston comedy club.

The Teens Have Spoken

Sandler has won the Teen Choice Award for Choice Comedian over 5 times.

Hitting the Big List

Adam was listed at #45 in Forbes magazine’s Celebrity 100 of 2007.

Batter Up!

Adam is a huge Yankees fan.

Fun for a Living

Adam’s production company, Happy Madison, is named after two of his successful comedies, “Happy Gilmore” and “Billy Madison.”

Its a Dog's Life

Adam’s dog Meatball was in his film “Little Nicky” and Matzoball (pictured) was in his wedding party.

Gets by with a Little Help from His Friends

Adam would rather work with close friends. He has appeared in over 10 movies with his former “SNL” co-star Rob Schneider.

Crazy Character

“Eight Crazy Nights” was Adam’s first animated movie. He played the voice of four main characters in the holiday film.

Almost Worked for Chocolate

Adam was considered for the role of Willy Wonka in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”

Who Would Have Thought?

In college, several of Adam’s acting teachers wrote negative evaluations, citing that his inattention gave them doubts he would ever succeed as an actor.

Quadruple Threat!

Adam is a writer, actor, producer and musician. He wrote, produced and starred in “The Waterboy,” “Big Daddy” and “You Don’t Mess with the Zohan.” He has also recorded songs for his movies soundtracks.