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15 Things about Hailey Glassman

Did you know Jon Gosselin's new GF, Hailey Glassman, was arrested for marijuana possession in 2005? Find out all the fun facts about Jon's adventurous new squeeze!

15 Things about Hailey Glassman

1. Personal 'Stylist'

In addition to being Jon Gosselin’s stylist, Hailey is his new GF.

2. Daddy's Girl

Hailey is the daughter of the New York plastic surgeon Larry Glassman, who performed Kate’s post-sextuplets tummy tuck in 2006.

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3. Age Difference

Hailey is 22-years-old — 10 years younger than Jon.

4. Smokin'

In 2005, Hailey was arrested for marijuana possession.

5. College Girl

Hailey attended Indiana University for two years where she was known for her partying.

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6. Party Animal

Hailey’s parents were allegedly going to pull her out of college for all of her partying, says one of her exes.

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7. Bi Curious

Hailey is openly bisexual.

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8. Fame Seeker

Hailey has auditioned for MTV’s “The Real World” and Oxygen’s “Bad Girls Club.”

9. Breaking the Law

Her license was suspended in 2007 after she failed to appear in court for not wearing a seat belt.

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10. Making It Public

Jon and Hailey’s first public appearance was in St. Tropez.

11. Bad Habit

Hailey, like Jon, is a smoker.

12. Interests

Hailey enjoys working out, fashion, music and art — in addition to smoking, drinking and partying!

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13. TV Faves

Hailey’s favorite TV shows are “Sex and the City,” “Seinfeld” and “King of Queens.”

14. Top Picks

Some of her favorite movies are “Blow,” “Almost Famous,” “Cruel Intentions” and “Half Baked.”

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15. A Book on Change

Hailey’s favorite book is Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson.