24 Fun Facts about Daniel Radcliffe

Did you know Daniel Radcliffe had a crush on co-star Emma Watson when they met? Get the scoop on this and other facts about the "Harry Potter" star!

24 Fun Facts about Daniel Radcliffe

1. Shorty

Radcliffe is only about 5’6’’.

2. Daniel's Hobbies

He loves to write, listen to music, read, play on his PlayStation and study bass guitar.

3. Potter's Pick

Daniel’s favorite “Harry Potter” book is “Prisoner of Azkaban” (the third book).

4. Bilingual

Daniel speaks Spanish.

5.Game On

His favorite scenes to shoot in the films are the Quidditch scenes, where they fly on broomsticks.

6. Favorite Classes

His favorite classes are English Literature, Religion and History.

7. Close Call

Daniel’s parents were hesitant to let him audition for the role, wanting him to have a normal childhood, and turned down Christopher Columbus’ (director of the first two films) request for a private audition. Later, the producer of the films spotted Daniel with his parents at a play, and convinced them to reconsider.

8. Young Start

He began filming at 11 years old.

9. Cat Got Your Tounge?

Daniel admits that his biggest challenge is girls — and he often gets tongue-tied.

10. Theater Star

Daniel first played the role of Alan Strang in a 2007 London production of “Equus,” then again on Broadway in September 2008 between filming the sixth and seventh films. He received good reviews.

11. Big Bucks!

He received $14 million for his role in “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix,” though he was paid just $110,000 for the first film.

12. I See Dead People

He believes in ghosts.

13. Good Chemistry

Daniel gets along very well with Emma Watson and Rupert Grint.

14. Love at First Sight

He admits that he had a bit of a crush on Emma Watson when they first met, but now they’re more like brother and sister. All three insist there’s no dating at work.

15. Dress Up

Daniel has joked about playing a drag queen as a character because he thinks he looks good in makeup, and would love to wear the costumes.

16. Tequila!

Daniel’s favorite alcohol is tequila.

17. Career Choice

Unlike Watson, Daniel is sure that he wants to be a professional actor long after the Harry Potter movies are completed.

18. Helping Hand

Although he lives in an apartment by himself, Daniel will still take his laundry to his mother — he also hates ironing.

19. Jacob the Author

He loves to write short stories and poetry, and has even published a few poems under the pen name Jacob Gershon. He does not aspire to write novels, because he doesn’t think he has the stamina.

20. Daniel's Ladylove

He met his girlfriend Laura O’Toole during his involvement in “Equus.” She was also in the cast.

21. What a Guy!

Daniel defines himself as a “long-term relationship” person and a romantic.

22. Potter & Malfoy

Daniel considers Tom Felton one of his closest friends. They’re frequently spotted together outside of filming.

23. Too Cool for School

Daniel does not plan on going to university, but instead sticking with his acting career.

24. Dyspraxia

Daniel suffers from dyspraxia, which affects his hand-eye coordination.