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Dr. Klein Denies Giving Jackson Drugs

arnold klein denies giving michael jackson drugs

Dr. Arnold Klein, Michael Jackson's longtime friend and dermatologist, is refuting rumors that he prescribed any of the powerful drugs found in Jackson's home.

On "GMA" this morning, Klein vehemently denied supplying the pop star with any of the painkillers found in Michael's home -- including Percocet and Demerol. "I didn't give him this crap that they talk about."

A new report today claims that Jackson went through a whopping ten thousand pills in six months. The drug revelations could mean an investigation that might subject Michael's children to being called to testify.

TV judge Jeanine Pirro tells "Extra" that someone will be held accountable for the drugs. "I think all hell is gonna break loose," she says. "If we learned anything from Anna Nicole Smith -- it's that these doctors better start following the law."

She adds, "These people should lose their licenses... if there is foul play here... and be prosecuted criminally if there is a direct link between the administration of drugs and the death of Michael Jackson."

The Jackson family has reportedly turned over a list of doctors to the LAPD -- with the names of those who may have treated Michael.