Star Cameos in Jackson Music Videos

star cameos in michael jackson's videos

Michael Jackson's music videos have featured some of Hollywood's hottest stars -- and "Extra" is breaking down which celebrities have joined Jackson on the small screen!

- Wesley Snipes in "Bad"

- Janet Jackson and Playboy model Ola Ray in "Thriller"

- Paul McCartney in "Say Say Say"

- Joe Pesci, Wesley Snipes in "Smooth Criminal"

- Paula Abdul, John Travolta, "Weird Al" Yankovic, Rosanna Arquette, Dan Aykroyd, Mayim Bialik, Bubbles (Jackson's pet chimp), Jackie Collins, David Copperfield, Emily Dreyfuss, Richard Dreyfuss, Corey Feldman, Lou Ferrigno, Debbie Gibson, Danny Glover,
Steve Guttenberg, Jasmine Guy, Whoopi Goldberg, Sherman Hemsley, Olivia Hussey, Amy Irving, Malcolm-Jamal Warner, Beverly Johnson, Quincy Jones, Don King, Virginia Madsen, Olivia Newton-John, Brigitte Nielsen, Lou Diamond Phillips, Ricky Schroder, Steven Spielberg, Suzanne Somers, Blair Underwood, Carl Weathers, Billy Dee Williams in "Liberian Girls"

- Macaulay Culkin, Tess Harper, George Wendt, Tyra Banks, Peggy Lipton in "Black or White"

- Janet Jackson in "Scream"

- Lisa Marie Presley in "You Are Not Alone"

- Chris Tucker, Marlon Brando in "You Rock My World"

- Linda McCartney, La Toya Jackson, Mr. T in "Beat It"

- Eddie Murphy in "Remember the Time"