JT: 'I'm Lucky to Have Memories of Michael'

justin timberlake remembers michael jackson

Justin Timberlake considers himself lucky to have performed with the King of Pop -- and is opening up about how Jackson reached people, including Justin, with his music.

"The thing about Michael is the memories -- I'm lucky enough to have memories, actually, physically, with him onstage and off," the singer told MTV U.K.

JT believes that the way the world has grieved MJ is a "testament to how big a deal it is, obviously, because he's created so many cultural photos in people's minds with his music -- that he was and always will be the King of Pop."

Justin, who borrowed Jackson's one-gloved style in "Cry Me a River," continues, "To create the things that he created with his music is untouchable. He opened the minds of the world to be able to do that through his music... it's a feat not accomplished by many people, maybe only a handful of people. I don't think anyone ever did it like him."

Timberlake added, "Michael opened the minds of people about music. He opened the minds of people about culture. Even if it was this much in your conscious, he helped with segregation. His music did that and not a lot of people can say that. Michael was the baddest!"