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What Will Happen to Michael's Kids?

what will happen to michael jackson's kids

Michael Jackson has been described as a loving father to his three children -- now "Extra" is looking into what may happen to the King of Pop's brood.

"He was dedicated to giving his kids the life he never had," People magazine's Anne Marie Cruz tells "Extra." She adds, "He would cook nutritious meals, he made sure they made their beds -- he did not want them to be spoiled."

The future of Michael Joseph Jr. (known as Prince), 12, Paris Michael Katherine, 11, and Prince Michael (known as Blanket), 7, is in the hands of the court.

TV judge Jeanine Pirro tells "Extra" that things are going to get messy. "It's anybody's guess as to whether it's going to be Michael's mother, the natural mother Debbie Rowe, or maybe even the nanny as the wild card."

Yesterday, Michael's mother Katherine was granted temporary custody of all three kids, but new reports today suggest that Debbie Rowe may challenge Katherine for permanent custody of Michael Joseph and Paris. "Debbie Rowe can say. 'I've said before, Michael is not the father.'"

One report even claims that Rowe is not the children's biological mother, and she only carried the kids as a surrogate. "Except at the time she bore two of the children, Michael was married to her, which gives Michael a leg up, and Michael's mother indirectly. It's crazy!"

The custody hearing begins July 6.