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Jackson's Money Woes

michael jackson's money problems

The King of Pop's $100K a month L.A. mansion rental may hold a secret trove of cash.

New reports are claiming that sister La Toya has already been inside snooping for Michael's hidden money. La Toya denied the report, telling "Extra" the accusation is "the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard."

According to the Post reports, Michael kept cash hidden everywhere -- in drawers, garbage bags, even under the carpets! Now the question on everyone's mind is -- who's in control of Jackson's money?!

After his will initially was missing, a copy has been found, naming sister Janet as executor. His beneficiaries are his three children -- 12-year-old Michael Joseph Jackson Junior, 11-year-old Paris Michael Katherine and 7-year-old Prince Michael Jackson aka Blanket.

New information has surfaced about 200 songs secretly recorded by Michael that he would only release after his death in order to secure the financial future of his children.

As for Neverland Ranch -- the family may turn it into a permanent museum ala Graceland.