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Chris Brown Sings 'Not My Fault'

Convicted felon Chris Brown has been in the studio working on his forthcoming album "Graffiti" -- which may include a new track titled "Not My Fault" that's been leaked to the web.

The mid-tempo song is produced by The Neptunes and the lyrics are eerily suggestive of his relationship with Rihanna. Brown sings, "I picked up the paper and what did I read? Some singer brokenhearted in some satin sheets." He also sings, "The mother called me... she seemed really steamed, said 'My daughter won't eat and she won't sleep. She just cries 'cause you're in her mind," and "Shorty is caught up from a long night."

On Monday, the 20-year-old pled guilty to assault and accepted a plea deal of hard labor and five years probation.

"Graffiti" is expected to drop late summer 2009.