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Judge Pirro: Brown Case Will Go to Trial

judge jeanine pirro weighs in on chris brown case

It will be a dramatic day in court today as Rihanna testifies against ex-beau Chris Brown -- and top TV judge Jeanine Pirro tells "Extra" that regardless of RiRi's testimony, she believes the case will go to trial.

At the hearing today, RiRi's testimony will help a judge decide whether or not to move forward in prosecuting Brown, but Pirro says the evidence will push the case to trial, regardless of what the "Umbrella" singer says on the stand. "If you've got her blood in the car... if you've got her statement saying that he beat her, if you've got a release of the medical records showing a battering, you've got him escaping and taking off, you've got it all there!"

Pirro adds, "You've got this case beyond a reasonable doubt, prosecute it!"

Chris and Rihanna are due in court later today.