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RPatz, Spanking Rule 'Extra' This Week

RPatz was nudged by a cab, Kate Gosselin spanked her kid, Al Roker verbally spanked Speidi, and renegade doctors showed us paths to medical breakthroughs! It all happened this week on "Extra" -- and we have your top ten most popular stories!

Top Stories of June 12 - 19

#10: Letterman to Palin: I'm Sorry

David Letterman has apologized to Alaska Governor Sarah Palin for the joke he made about her daughter, and the Governor has forgiven him.

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#9: Chaz Bono's Girlfriend Revealed

Jennifer, longtime girlfriend of Chastity “Chaz” Bono, was spotted chatting on a cell before driving off with Bono in L.A.

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#8: Help Save Krissy Kobata

Twenty-six-year-old Krissy Kobata is suffering from a blood disorder called myelodysplastic syndrome, which means her bone marrow is failing. Krissy needs a donor to save her life — and you can help.

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#7: Are You in a Sex-Starved Relationship?

One out of every three couples is not having sex! Oy! “Extra” Lifechanger Rabbi Shmuley describes this “pandemic” — and what you can to have a healthy sex life!

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#6: Introducing Renegade Doctors

These docs are saving lives and making a difference. Conquer life-threatening illnesses with your diet, learn the benefits of hormone therapy — and find out if you're at risk for disease!

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#5: Al Roker Verbally Spanks Heidi

“Today Show’s” Al Roker isn’t apologizing for his interview with Heidi and Spencer Pratt and he doesn’t know why they are considered famous.

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#4: Ten Things You Didn't Know about the 'True Blood' Cast

“Extra” has everything you want to know about the HBO show’s Cajun characters!

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#3: RPatz Nudged by Cab!

Robert Pattinson was bumped by a taxi on the set of his new film in New York City.

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#2: VOTE: Did Kate Go Too Far?

“Extra” wants to know what you think. Did Kate go too far disciplining her daughter?

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#1: VOTE: Who is the Hottest Vampire?

“Extra” Friends continued to make the battle between RPatz and Stephen Moyer the #1 story this week!

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