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'Extra' Friends Split over Gosselin Spanking

Kate Gosselin is under fire for spanking one of her 5-year-old sextuplets -- and while many "Extra" Friends don't like the TV mom, the majority of said spanking was perfectly fine.

Kate Gosselin and daughter Leah

"I don't like Kate, but as a mom I think she did the right thing. Unless you spend a day in a mom's shoes, don't judge," said Donna. Added Kelley, "I am shocked that America has stooped this low! The woman was disciplining her child, for crying out loud!"

In fact, 68% of you say "spanking is effective." Only 32% said "spanking is abusive."

Still, citing Kate's alleged temper, some "Extra" Friends say she shouldn't have slapped Leah out of anger. "There's a difference between spanking that gets out of control because of anger, and spanking to discipline & train your child," said Kim. Added Rae, "Those children are victims of her inability to make sound decisions... spanking is due to an inability to control your own emotions."

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