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Al Roker Verbally Spanks Heidi

Al Roker slams Heidi and Spencer Pratt again

"Today Show's" Al Roker isn't apologizing for his interview with Heidi and Spencer Pratt and he doesn't know why they are considered famous.

Roker tells "Extra," "There is this brand of celebrity that's famous for just being kind of famous. Haven't done anything. Haven't contributed anything and then have the temerity to behave extremely badly." He explains his "bullying" interview style, saying, "As a parent, if my 7-year-old behaves badly, I may verbally spank them, and so that's a little of what happened yesterday."

When Heidi said she wanted to be like Mother Theresa, Al was shocked. "Last I checked, Mother Teresa was known for charity works. For doing good. For helping people. Not for posing in Playboy," he said. Adding, "The idea that you want to be a hero, well, hero is more than growing a flesh-colored beard. I think we need to redefine what celebrity is in this country."

On Monday, Heidi said women know how Roker behaved. Al told "Extra," "Anybody who's watched the "Today Show," watched the hundreds of interviews I've done with men or women, there has never been a complaint because most of these people are non-delusional."