Pinkett-Smith: 'I'm Too Short to Play Mrs. Obama'

Jada Pinkett-Smith on playing Michelle Obama and her summer in China

"Hawthorne" star Jada Pinkett-Smith tells "Extra" she'd love to play Michelle Obama on the big screen, but says she'd have to grow a few inches!

Jada confesses, "Michelle is tall. I'm way too short. If I felt like I could represent her in a way that I feel like she should be represented, I absolutely would." Pinkett-Smith says whoever plays her "has to be her height. I'm like 4'11". It's not me."

This summer the Pinkett-Smith family is going to Beijing for over two months! Jada tells "Extra," "Will and I are producing our son's movie, 'Kung Fu Kid.'" The family flick is a remake of the classic "Karate Kid" and stars Jayden Smith, Jackie Chan and Taraji P. Henson.