TLC Looking to Replace 'Jon and Kate'?

TLC posted a Craigslist ad looking for a family of multiples

An ad was posted on Craigslist looking for a family expecting multiples to be featured on TLC. Does the cable network want to replace "Jon and Kate Plus 8"?!

An ad posted on Craigslist (and later removed) asked:

"Are you expecting multiples and want to share this extraordinary event with TLC???

TLC is now looking for NY, NJ, and CT families who are expecting twins, triplets, or more! We would capture the birth of the babies and witness their amazing first breath, first cry, and all the emotions that go along with such an incredible occasion. Then, TLC will be there as you leave the hospital and adjust to your first few days at home as a family."

It is unclear why the ad was removed.

Last Monday's season 5 premiere of "Jon and Kate Plus 8" was the highest-rated show in TLC's history -- with 9.8 million viewers.

UPDATE: A rep from TLC tells "Extra" that the Craigslist ad was for TLC's daytime show "Bringing Home Baby" -- and was posted for a special that the show is filming. The rep maintains the ad had "nothing about Jon and Kate or casting a new show on multiples."