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Kim's Favorite Panties Are...

kim kardashian kim kardashian

Although Kim Kardashian drives a Bentley, dates Reggie Bush and has a reality show, when she told Luxaholics some of her style secrets we were pleasantly surprised -- she shops at Target and wears gloss from the pharmacy? Love her!

1. What's the cheapest thing in your makeup bag? What about the most expensive
Cheapest is Blistex lip balm, most expensive is YSL Sparkling Touch for Lips lip gloss.

2. What's a beauty item you cannot live without?
I cannot live without moisturizer! I must put on so much before I go to bed, and before I put makeup on.

3. Do you have ANY non designer shoes in your collection?
Of course! I love all kinds of sandals like Sam Edleman, and wear lots of shoedazzle heels.

4. What are your favorite panties?
Hanky Panky

5. Do you shop at any of the following stores -- be honest:
Target: Yes, I go there all the time... just wore a Target black and silver military vest to the Ivy for lunch with Ciara!
GAP: Yes, love white button down shirts.
Forever 21: Yes, half my wardrobe is from there!
Pharmacy for beauty items: Yes, pretty much all they have in New Orleans.

6. Your make up always looks flawless -- do you do it yourself?
Sometimes, but I do get it done for events and big parties.

7. Do you ever leave the house without any makeup on?
All the time! Can't go to the gym with makeup on!

8. Talk about shoedazzle -- the price ranges -- are you involved? Would YOU wear the shoes?
Of course. I wear these shoes all the time! I am the chief stylist, I oversee the whole site. I choose all the shoes that go up on the site.

Stay tuned for more of Kim's fashion and beauty secrets!