Website: Prejean Told a 'Mountain of Lies' calls carrie prejean a liar

Embattled beauty queen Carrie Prejean maintains that topless pix of her that surfaced on the web were photoshopped. Now is calling Carrie a liar! released a statement regarding the pictures they obtained of Carrie posing semi-nude as a teenager. It reads: "As the outlet who broke the story of the semi-nude images of Carrie Prejean, stands firmly behind our decision to do so and want to make it known that no image was photoshopped or distorted in any way. The decision for her to keep her crown is not ours -- although 842,000 of our readers chimed in with a resounding 60% saying she should lose her crown."

The website stands behind the authenticity of the images -- and claims that there are even more scandalous pix that have yet to surface. "Unfortunately for Ms. Prejean, there are other, much more scandalous images of her that are 1000% real -- and with her mountain of lies we are not sure how she will get out of this whole thing unscathed."

Donald Trump announced today that Carrie would remain Miss California USA, and that the pix were "part of this century."

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