Carrie Prejean Will Keep Her Crown

carrie prejean keeps her title as miss california

Miss California Carrie Prejean can breathe a sigh of relief -- the once photographed partially stripped beauty queen won't be stripped of her title. During a press conference today, Donald Trump -- owner of the Miss USA organization -- announced that Prejean would keep her tiara.

Trump addressed the issue of Carrie posing topless for pictures that were leaked to the net. "We've reviewed the pictures very carefully... and we are in the 21st Century... we have determined that the pictures taken are fine," Donald explained. "So we've made a determination, that the pictures taken were acceptable, they were fine."

Prejean also defended both sets of topless photos that were released of her -- one set taken when she was a teenager, and another set taken two years ago. The first of the teenaged pix, she claims, were taken by a friend to submit to modeling agencies -- "for application rather than publication." The other two pictures, she claims, were "photoshopped."

The second set of skimpy pix showed Carrie near the beach, partially exposing her breasts for the camera. Prejean said that the pictures were taken for a surf magazine, and claimed her vest blew open for the camera because of the wind. She said she was "appalled" by the release of "an unauthorized and inappropriate image taken in between shots, on a windy day, which I was unaware of."

During the Miss USA pageant, Carrie sparked a war with Perez Hilton when she told him she didn't support gay marriage. When asked about her controversial answer and whether she thought it cost her the title of Miss USA, Carrie responded, "I can't give you an answer to that, I'm not sure, but I do know that there was a personal hidden agenda there, and I just gave my honest answer."

She also thanked fans and the Miss USA organization for support -- and God for the strength to stand by her convictions. "Thank God for testing me with this task... in giving me the strength to stand by my beliefs." Shanna Moakler, executive director of the Miss California organization agreed that some "miscommunication" was now "totally solved" after meeting in Trump's office.

When asked if Perez would be asked to judge the pageant again, the Donald replied, "I'd love to have him back."

Prejean also confirmed that while she "met for an hour" with the National Organization for Marriage, she would not be a spokesperson for them. "I'm not going to be speaking out against same sex marriage, I'm going to resume my duties as Miss California."

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