Rob Lowe: 'I Could See the Flames from My Backyard'

The wildfires in Santa Barbara, California have burned down many homes in the region -- and longtime SB resident Rob Lowe partnered with Gov. Schwarzenegger to lend support to fire victims.

arnold schwarzenegger and rob lowe help fire victims

"I could see the flames from my backyard... we were crossing our fingers," Lowe said at the University of California, Santa Barbara emergency shelter during the Jesusita fire. The actor then praised the governor for his immediate attention to the blaze and the fire victims. "We've got the best governor here in the United States showing his support... and making it all happen."

The damage to the area has been extensive. Kathy Ireland was forced to evacuate her home, and Oprah sent movers to pack up her mansion just in case.

"It's very sad... friends and neighbors... who've lost their whole lives... but it's also inspiring because you see this community coming together," said Schwarzenegger.

Investigators now believe that power tools being used to clear brush from the region may have sparked the fire. The blaze is now more than 70% contained.