Oprah's Home Evacuated?

oprah's home being evacuated

Has Oprah Winfrey's Montecito home really been evacuated because of the Santa Barbara wildfires?

Us Weekly reports that the talk queen's coastal ranch in southern California is being packed up by movers to prepare for evacuation. As her house was reportedly packed up on Friday, Oprah filmed her talk show in Chicago.

A rep for Winfrey told the magazine that Oprah's camp is on alert. "The fires are nearby, but her house is not within the mandatory evacuation area -- we're continuing to monitor."

Michelle Phillips, an employee at the Jesusita Fire County Emergency Call Center told the magazine that Montecito, which is right outside of Santa Barbara, is currently "under warning." Michelle continues, "Residents should be ready to evacuate their homes at a moment's notice. The [distance of the fire] can change very quickly, which is why residents are strongly advised to evacuate now while they still can."

Actors Michael Douglas and Rob Lowe also have homes in the Montecito area.