Elizabeth Slams John's Mistress

john edwards paternity test?

Wronged wife and "Resilience" book author Elizabeth Edwards has a simple message for Rielle Hunter -- stay away!

"You can't just knock on that door and say you're out, I'm in," she told Oprah Winfrey in an explosive interview. "If you admire that life, you can't just take it. Build your own."

Elizabeth refused to call out Hunter by name, but there was no mistaking the focus of her anger. "I blame John," she said, "but women need to have more respect for other women."

Battling terminal cancer, raising children and keeping her family together -- Elizabeth seems to be intent on making it work, saying, "It's not about this woman. It's about this family."

As for persistent rumors Rielle's daughter Frances is John's, Elizabeth says she doesn't care! "Whatever the facts are doesn't change my life, in that sense," she said.

Is Elizabeth still in love with him? "It's a complicated question, but I wouldn't be here if I didn't love him," she said.

Should Elizabeth have taken John back? Tell us what you think.