Edwards' Mistress Demanding Paternity Test?

john edwards paternity test?

Elizabeth Edwards spoke candidly to Oprah about John's affair with Rielle Hunter (without saying her name), now a new report suggests that a furious Rielle is going to demand the former Senator submits to a paternity test!

The disgraced politician admitted to the affair with Hunter last year, but has denied fathering her baby, 1-year-old Frances Quinn. Now, the National Enquirer reports that Hunter is mad that John let Elizabeth discuss their relationship -- and is demanding a paternity test to prove the baby belongs to Edwards.

During her interview with Oprah, Elizabeth admitted that she "has no idea" if John fathered the child. In her memoir "Resilience," Elizabeth refers to the other woman as "pathetic," and claims she "targeted" John, telling Oprah, "She was standing in front of the hotel, and said to him, 'You are so hot'."

Winfrey's interview with Edwards airs tomorrow.