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Alleged Gosselin 'Other Woman' Denies It

gosselin other woman denies affair

Reality star Jon Gosselin sparked rumors of an affair after stepping out to a bar with a woman who wasn't his wife. Now the woman is denying allegations of infidelity.

"We're just friends -- it's absurd that anyone would think otherwise," Deanna Hummel, 23, revealed to People magazine.

According to Hummel, she met Jon through a mutual friend a couple of months ago. Since then, the two have hung out in groups of friends. Deanna insisted to the magazine that their social outings have always included other people -- and they've always been innocent.

"We just talk and socialize, the normal things you do when you see friends," she explained. The two did arrive to Legends Bar in Reading, Penna. together, but she explains that the photo of her driving his car has been misinterpreted by the press. "He just got this new car and I wanted to drive it. I'm into cars," she said, adding, "We all have guy and girl friends. Because of who he is, it gets portrayed the wrong way, and it's unfair to him and his family."

Hummel also denies reports that Gosselin referred to her as "babe" during their night out. "He did not by any means call me 'babe.' Nobody calls me babe -- that made me laugh."

Deanna also said that she hates being linked to a married man. "He's a very nice guy, don't get me wrong, but he's married with eight children," said Hummel, who is currently single. She adds, "Gosselin has a great family life. I would never, ever think to pursue anything."