Jewel to Melissa Rycroft: Dance or Bow Out!

melissa rycroft jewel quit dancing

Singer Jewel left the "Dancing with the Stars" competition after injuring herself -- and she thinks that if Melissa is too injured to compete, she needs to step off the dance floor!

Jewel, whose husband Ty Murray is one of the final four stars in the dancing competition, revealed that she believes if a contestant is too hurt to perform during the show, they shouldn't be allowed to continue. "I think the rule about 'judging a rehearsal if the person is too injured to perform' was weird both times they have used it," the singer wrote on Murray's MySpace blog. "If you're too hurt to compete, then you can't compete."

The rule, which states that a contestant too injured to compete on the live show will be judged on their rehearsal footage, was used by both funnyman Steve-O and Rycroft during this season.

She continued, "As bad as I felt for Melissa, who I hope feels better and comes back, I'm used to our cowboy athletes that live by the rule: 'Ride hurt or don't get a score,'" the songstress wrote. "It may seem harsh, but it seems like the only way to keep things honest."