Kate Walsh: 'I Have My Moments of Feeling Very Low'

Gorgeous ruby-haired actress Kate Walsh is featured on the cover of May's Michigan Avenue magazine. The "Private Practice" star is in the midst of a very public divorce, and Kate is revealing how she's staying strong.

kate walsh michigan avenue magazine

The 41-year-old is keeping busy and using her time to help others. She says, "I'm doing some volunteer work, but I don't want it to be about publicity. Like anybody, I have moments of feeling very low -- disenchanted or discouraged -- and one of the best ways out of that for me is to be of service."

Walsh says in order to have inner strength, "you have to have some kind of spiritual life." She remains close with her brother, friends, and a higher power. She confesses, "I have God and I have faith."

Kate's hit show, "Private Practice," airs Thursdays on ABC.