'Talent' Battle: Hollie vs. Susan!

hollie steel britain's got talent

Watch out Susan Boyle, 10-year-old Hollie Steel is poised to steal your spotlight!

Steel, a tiny ballerina, shocked the "Britain's Got Talent" judges with her amazing voice and adorable personality. "Extra" caught up with the mini songstress who dished on her biggest competition -- and Boyle's much talked-about makeover!

"I like her new look, but I think it looked better before," Hollie dishes to "Extra," adding, "My advice to Susan would be, 'Don't change your look more because if you change your look you won't be who you are...'" Steel continues, "My message to Susan is, 'Good luck and I hope I can beat you.'"

Shaheen Jafargholi, 12, is also an early favorite -- and Steel is a fan! "Shaheen is really good. We both have different types of songs, so we're both good in different ways."

When asked how her life has changed since her audition, Steel responded, "It's been really busy at my house. While somebody's knocking at my door trying to take a picture, there's somebody on the phone trying to speak to me, so it's really hectic." She added, "I'm enjoying it but it's a bit tiring."

As for Simon Cowell, Steel says, "When I do get to meet Simon, I hope he's nice to me like he was on the audition."