Cowell: Susan Boyle Not a Shoo-In for 'Talent' Win

simon cowell susan boyle

Singer Susan Boyle has won over fans in America, but "Britain's Got Talent" judge Simon Cowell insists her Internet success doesn't necessarily mean she'll take the "Talent" win!

"I keep saying to everybody, she's got to win the next stage. It's up to her," Cowell told People magazine. "She has four weeks to prepare for the biggest time of her life. She's got to sing better than she's ever sung before. But it could all go horribly wrong now because there are so many distractions."

Simon also dished that Susan's unlikely stardom is the reason behind the show. "This is why we came up with this show in the first place," said Cowell, insisting that every contestant has a fair shot at winning. "Whatever age you are -- glamorous or un ... we're all guilty on the panel of judging Boyle before she sang. We were completely and utterly wrong. It's terribly embarrassing."

Fellow judge Sharon Osbourne told the magazine that Boyle's instant fame has brought her a fan base, whether she ends up winning the show or not. "For someone like Susan, it's once in a lifetime -- the world falls in love with somebody," said Osbourne. "It's unanimous. The world is in love with her."