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Tori Wants to End War with Mom

Tori and Candy Spelling are involved in one of the biggest Hollywood mother-daughter feuds, but Tori tells "Extra" she's open to reconciliation. The actress confesses, "She has not contacted me. And she's welcome to contact me. Privately."

Tori Spelling talking about her feud with mom Candy Spelling

On Monday, Candy posted a heartfelt plea on her website, asking Tori to "Call me, write me, text me... I want a relationship with you and my grandchildren." Tori admits, "I haven't seen it. I feel a bit clueless."

Spelling also confronted the scrutiny regarding her slimmed-down figure. A recent tabloid cover calls the actress/author anorexic and claims she weighs just 98 pounds, but Tori says, "I was pregnant for like 2 1/2 years. So, I don't think people remember me before then. I'm the same size as I was then."

The mother of two returns to her old zip code tonight in a guest appearance on the CW's "90210" and she tells "Extra" she was nervous about the return. The 35-year-old says, "I totally was such a dork. I went back to that place in high school like, 'What if I wasn't accepted?' But they were great."