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The Gibsons' $900-Million Divorce


Mel Gibson and wife Robyn met after the filming of "Mad Max" in the '70s. The two have been married for 28 years, have a $900 million fortune... and no pre-nuptial agreement.

TV judge Jeanine Pirro tells "Extra," "She was a dental assistant and he was an unknown actor when they married. There is no pre-nup."

Pirro is a former prosecutor and she says with California's standard of 50/50 divorce settlements, the stakes are huge on both sides. Pirro says, "California law is very clear. 50/50 anything maintained or attained during the marriage."

The list of assets is staggering! They share a $26-million Costa Rican pad, a $15-million island in Fiji, a $42-million church Mel is building in Malibu and the $12-million Malibu home they purchased from David Duchovny and Tea Leoni. The Gibsons also own second home in Malibu that they bought for $1.9 million and a 9-acre piece of property in L.A. valued at $3.5 million.

Pirro believes Robyn will get exactly 50% of the couple's fortune, "She'll probably get $450 million." If Robyn is awarded half, it would make previous record settlements in Hollywood look like chump change.

Basketball megastar Michael Jordan's ex-wife Juanita received $168 million and Neil Diamond's ex, Marcia, was awarded $150 million. Steven Spielberg's first wife, actress Amy Irving, walked with $100 million.

Robyn Gibson is citing "irreconcilable differences" and rumors say the two have been separated since Mel's infamous Malibu DUI arrest in 2006. Pirro doesn't think this Hollywood couple's split will get nasty. She reveals, "They have 7 children. I don't think this'll get dirty, unless Mel wants it to."