Chris Brown: 'I'm Not Perfect'

As Chris Brown gears up to face a judge once again on charges of assault and criminal threats, VIBE magazine takes a look at his rocky relationship with Rihanna -- and how Brown promised he'd never be abusive.

Rihanna in VIBE magazine

In a previously unpublished interview with VIBE from 2007, Brown detailed how growing up in a home with domestic violence affected him. "I promised myself, 'I'm not gonna be that dude.' I'm never gonna be that person that takes the argument that far," Chris declared.

The R&B singer, who enjoyed a spotless reputation before the incident with RiRi, added, "Being young, you always have to have a wholesome image -- but I'm not perfect."

Chris Bush, a former bodyguard to both Brown and Rihanna, told the magazine that he believes Brown was under an enormous amount of pressure. "He's under too many restraints. It's like caging a pit -- eventually he's gonna lash out." Bush also alleges that the photo of the battered "Umbrella" singer was leaked by one of the "leeches" in Brown's or Rihanna's camp.

For more on VIBE's story about the controversy, pick up the magazine on newsstands on April 21.