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Brad and Angie Adopting Filipino Baby?

Rumor has it the First couple of Hollywood is set to add a seventh baby to their brood -- but is it true?

Angelina Jolie holding Vivienne at airport

No papers to sign, seal and deliver -- this adoption rumor is false! According to an untrue report out of London, Angelina left the "Salt" film set in New York City to go to Manila and adopt a child.

An official from the Philippines' Inter-Country Adoption Board (ICAB) tells the Philippine Daily Inquirer that Brad and Angelina have not expressed official interest in adopting a child from the Asian country. "As of today [Monday], There has been no inquiry on how to adopt [a Filipino child] or application to adopt from this couple," the official told the paper.

Brangelina were never even in the country, according to Manila International Airport Authority general manager Alfonso Cusi, who told the paper, "I have checked with all our offices coordinating VIP arrivals as well as with the Bureau of Immigration. Sorry to disappoint the fans, but they did not come to the Philippines."

Pitt and Jolie currently have six children -- three biological, and three adopted.