Tuddy's Blog: 'I Get to Eat Again!'


It's Friday and Lopez and I are off to ATL. The cool thing about this trip is I get to eat again! The on-air weight loss journey is over, but it doesn't mean I'm slowing down or stopping. I've been keeping the weight under control, not that I'm paranoid about gaining some back, but I have put on around 3 pounds. I just feel fantastic, better then ever!

All the hard work and time, I don't want to it to go to waste. I like the way I'm feeling as well as looking. The wife is now training with Pena, and he's holding nothing back! Pena has her on the hill (no weight vest) and she's feeling the work, which is what she wants. I'm very proud of her, and that is my motivation to keep looking good and staying healthy.

This weekend in ATL I'm definitely going to live it up! Big dinners, drinks (vodka and soda w/lime, best for you when you are watching the weight) and training! A good healthy mix of everything! Until next time... liking the blogging, not sure if anyone ever reads them, but that's okay, 'cause I like writing'em. (LOL.)