Mama Madonna in Malawi Adoption Drama

The queen of pop has again trekked to Africa to persuade a Malawi court to allow her to adopt Mercy James, 4.

madonna in malawi

According to Madonna's legal counsel, the Material Girl is asking the court to grant her an interim 18-month adoption of the little girl.

Madge, 50, first upset the Malawi people when the government decided to allow the singer to adopt David Banda in 2006, as non-residents adopting children in Malawi is outlawed there. Civil groups in the country have announced plans to protest Madonna's attempts to adopt Mercy.

Madge didn't speak to reporters after the High Court case adjourned, but court registrar Thomson Ligowe told Reuters the ruling would be made later this week. "It has been adjourned to Friday, April 3 for the judge to make her ruling."

Madonna's personal life has reportedly added to her difficulty in the adoption process -- officials in Malawi are reportedly concerned with Madge's broken marriage to Guy Ritchie, and her very public relationship with model Jesus Luz, who at 22 is less than half her age.