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Farrah Fawcett Bites Back at Nosy Paps!


"Charlie's Angels" star Farrah Fawcett is fighting mad at the paparazzi -- and launching an attack!

The cancer-stricken star is fuming over pictures taken of her in a wheelchair, arriving in Los Angeles after undergoing cancer treatment overseas. "That just pisses me off, it just makes me mad," Farrah rants in her upcoming documentary. "It seems there are areas that should be off limits. I just so didn't want to be photographed in a wheelchair, which is what they're always trying to get."

She continues, "Stress is what feeds your cancer, stress is what gives you cancer -- then here is the paparazzi giving you stress."

Fawcett knows a thing or two about public invasions of her privacy -- the actress' private medical records were leaked to the National Enquirer in 2007, which exposed a shocking scandal at UCLA Medical Center involving more than 900 patients.

After receiving supportive letters from cancer patients around the world, Farrah has decided to go public with her illness, detailing her battle against cancer in a documentary.

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