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Jessica is Justin's 'Muse'

Sex symbol turned fashion designer Justin Timberlake made a special appearance on "Oprah Fridays Live" -- and Lady O's panel really wanted to know more about his girlfriend of over two years -- Jessica Biel!


The Grammy award winner showed off looks from his Wiliam Rast Spring 2009 collection. When two female models walked out in his Americana denim meets bada** biker fashion line, JT said, "My favorite thing is the sexy slash tomboy look."

Throughout the show it was clear Justin didn't want his relationship with Jess to be the only topic of discussion, but panelist/soap star Mark Consuelos had to ask, "Do you see Jessica wearing this type of stuff?" Timberlake immediately answered, "Oh yeah."

Mark followed up, "That was the inspiration for this look?" The 28-year-old crooner gave in, and answered, "Absolutely." He continued, "She's a... obviously... huge muse for me -- and with the designers too." Aww!