Valerie Bertinelli -- Bikini Babe!

Sitcom star Valerie Bertinelli, 48, has dropped 50 pounds -- and she's sporting a two-piece on the cover of this week's People magazine! The "One Day at a Time" star says this is the first time she has slipped into a bikini in 30 years!


People magazine's Galina Espinosa tells "Extra" the cover pic is not a fake! Espinosa says there's minimal airbrushing and Valerie earned her hot bod by walking five miles a day. Espinosa tells the star's secret, saying she cut out salt and champagne and "dropped to 1,200 calories." Watch out, Tuddy!

Two years ago, "Extra" caught up with Valerie before she started eating right with Jenny Craig. Now she's confessing her fears on her Jenny Craig video blog. "Getting up from that lounge chair... You know what I'm talking about. Making that terrifying walk into the water in front of what feels like the entire world to see!"

Check out Bertinelli's story in the new issue of People!