10 Things about Letterman's Wedding!


Funnyman David Letterman tied the knot with longtime girlfriend Regina Lasko -- and "Extra" is counting down the top 10 things you didn't know about the comic's wedding!

The top 10 things you didn't know about Letterman's wedding are as follows:

10. Dave's worried being married means he's no longer cool.

9. Letterman's name is misspelled on the marriage license! It has to be fixed before the judge sent it to "Extra."

8. The wedding was so top secret that Regis Philbin didn't know Dave was getting hitched -- and they've known each other since 1983!

7. Harry, Dave and Regina's son, is ten times cuter than the groom!

6. When Letterman began dating Regina in 1986, he was on the cover of Esquire magazine -- and had a lot more hair!

5. Comedian George Lopez thinks that David should stay close to his wife -- especially if they're the same blood type.

4. Reportedly, Dave made $45 million last year. No wonder it took him so long to get hitched!

3. Dave, bride Regina and their son Harry honeymooned on Letterman's 2,700-acre ranch near the Montana courthouse where they got married.

2. Two days before he said "I do," Dave was kissing and flirting with Julia Roberts -- who teased him about being unmarried!

1. The wedding almost didn't happen! On the way to the courthouse to make it official, Letterman's truck got stuck in the mud.