Tuddy's Blog: 'I've Worked Too Hard to Go Backward'


With only a week and a half left in my weight loss journey, I'm feeling better then ever! Although I'd hope to stay in L.A. for the final 2 weeks of training to really buckle down, focus on the training and dial it in, Lopez and I are off at 4:30 AM Sunday morning for a quick but eventful and busy trip to the Big Apple.

Arriving in NYC Sunday afternoon and training Sunday night at the hotel gym, I'm skipping the big dinner at some swanky resturant for 2hrs of cardio and grilled chicken with steamed veggies. No Freshology on this trip, at least I have something to look forward to when I get back. The portion size that Freshology gives me is just right. Plus, with the dessert (small but delicious), it makes me feel like I'm cheating when I'm really not!

Monday morning in NYC will be even tougher, 6:00 AM (eastern, 3:00 AM west coast!) pickup for a long, action-packed day that will most likely end that evening on a flight home around 9:00 PM. No F.C. for me, so kind of hard to catch some sleep. Not sure when the training will come in on Monday. Maybe when I get home early Tuesday morning I'll hop back on one of the two spin bikes that have taken over my small living room. (It's a couples thing, we spin bike together in the morning. Sweethearts idea, but I have say I don't mind it. We at least get to be together and train.) Maybe I'll try and get some cardio before I head to bed. 171 last week!

I've been asked lately how I've lost the weight and how much? Training, right food and discipline is all it takes, it's that simple... that and it's done on TV with millions of people watching -- which makes for a little more motivation... and the outfit I agreed to wear in the weigh-ins still gets laughs when I put it on. That first weigh-in alone was all the motivation I needed! After seeing myself looking like the Goodyear Blimp in that grey, spandex shirt on TV, that was it!!

I've never really been the guy who is obsessed with his looks or body (if so, I would have never agreed to weight loss on TV), however, getting married and hopefully on my way to starting a family in the next year or so I wanted to be healthy, not only for my kids and my beautiful wife (who is also getting in shape and DAMN, she's looking good!) but for myself!

I'll never give up the red wine, prosciutto rolled in fresh melon, capicola wraped around a chunk of smoked gouda. Salame, fresh mozzarella with Roma tomato slices with olive oil, fresh ground pepper with seasonings and sea salt sprinkled on the top -- on a bed of arugula! Chilled in the fridge for 20 minutes or so. Cold Pacificos with a carne asada burrito... burgers, pizza the list goes on.

I'm still going to enjoy myself, just not every night like I was doing. Maybe once a week, or when need be. I've worked too hard to go backward. All of Pena's time, all of my time, all the sacrifice has to be for a cause. I had a million excuses when I started; why I couldn't train, etc., until I realized everyone has an excuse -- but some people just do it. They make time.

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