Drescher: I Could Care Less if Madoff Kills Himself


Bernie Madoff is the most hated man in America -- and even his isolated jail cell can't shield the Ponzi schemer from the acid-tongued insults hurled by Hollywood's elite, including Fran Drescher!

"He might kill himself -- and I could really care less," Fran Drescher tells "Extra" of Madoff. Even domestic queen Martha Stewart had choice words for Bernie, saying, "The Madoff smirk -- I've seen enough of that."

The court provides no bailout for Madoff today as his lawyer, Ira Sorkin, tried to get him back to his cushy penthouse until his June sentencing, but the judge opted to keep Bernie locked up. When asked how the $65 billion swindler is holding up in his cell hell, Ira responded, "No comment about his physical or emotional condition."

The New York Daily News detailed what life is like for Bernie in the slammer -- including 23 hours a day in a windowless 8 square foot cell, under constant surveillance, in a security wing reserved for the likes of the Gotti family and Al Qaeda terrorist types.

Alexandra Penney, former editor of Self magazine and one of Madoff's many victims, tells "Extra" she was "raped" of her life savings by Bernie! "I hope he lives 150 years in solidarity. Madoff had every cent I had ever saved since age 16."

Penney, now a blogger for The Daily Beast, adds, "I have nothing to say to that loathsome, repugnant, nonhuman -- I just want to get on with my life."