Jasmine and Jorge Get 'Idol' Boot

Not even an "American Idol" twist could save hopefuls Jasmine Murray, 16, and Jorge Nuñez, 20, from being sent home by the judging panel.


Jasmine's cover of "I'll Be There" on Tuesday night failed to impress Kara, Paula, Randy and Simon -- nor did Jorge's rendition of Jackson's "Never Can Say Goodbye." The two singers were told to pack their bags -- and Ryan Seacrest announced the twist he had teased on Tuesday night.

The show introduced the "judge's save," which means that the judges could vote unanimously to reverse the decision of the call-in vote, and prevent an "Idol" hopeful from going home. There is a catch -- Kara, Paula, Randy and Simon can only save one crooner this season, and only in the weeks before the group is dwindled down to the top 5.

Murray and Nuñez each sang an encore of their Michael Jackson songs hoping to be saved by the judges. Jasmine gave it her all, but her performance was worse than the night before -- prompting Randy to say, "Sorry baby you're headed home, it's not going to work."

Jorge shared Jasmine's fate. He gave his all to the encore of "Never Can Say Goodbye," but the judging panel decided to agree with viewers.

"Idol" champ Kelly Clarkson and hip-hop star Kanye West both took the stage for star-studded performances last night. Clarkson belted out her pop hit "My Life Would Suck Without You," while Kanye made the crowd go wild with "Heartless."

Two "Idol" hopefuls down -- and eleven to go. "American Idol" returns next Tuesday on FOX!