Rihanna Parties in Hollywood


Pop star Rihanna was spotted leaving a Hollywood club Wednesday at 4 AM -- while the internet burns up with rumors that she and Chris are recording a song together.

The sunglasses-clad pop starlet was bombarded by paparazzi after leaving hotspot Coco de Ville -- and while Brown was nowhere to be seen, photographers from X17 Online claim that Chris was snapped hiding under a jacket after leaving the same club. Rihanna's injuries, shown in a photo taken the night of the attack, are no longer visible.

Rumor has it that both Rihanna and Brown are back in the studio -- and recording a track together. The song is reportedly about growing stronger in a relationship and will be featured on Brown's next album.

According to reports, Brown is recording tracks for the album -- despite the fact that radio stations across the country have banned his music until the abuse controversy is figured out. Today, Brown's camp announced that he would withdraw from the ballot for Favorite Male Singer at the Kids' Choice Awards -- supposedly in response to backlash Nickelodeon received after not pulling his name from consideration.

Robin Givens, who was abused at the hands of boxer Mike Tyson, blasted Brown's fans for defending the singer, who allegedly punched and bit Rihanna until she was bloodied and bruised. "I don't know why in our society... that we blame the victim," Givens said on "Larry King Live" Tuesday night. "I don't care what she says, what she does, you do not hit. It is unacceptable."

Both Oprah Winfrey and Tyra Banks -- who told "Extra" that she was a victim of emotional abuse in the past -- are tackling the subject of abusive relationships on their Thursday shows.