Trump Thumps Brown

Donald Trump on Chris and Rihanna

From the controversial couple Rihanna and Chris Brown to his ongoing feud with Rosie, no topic is off the table for the outspoken Donald Trump!

"If she goes back to him, she's absolutely crazy -- they say that hitters are quitters," Trump declares to "Extra" about Rihanna and Brown. The real estate mogul also cleared up confusion about reports he recently called Rihanna a "loser" -- and stands behind his quote. "I think they accurately quoted," said Trump. "If she goes back to Chris Brown, who beat the hell out of her, she's a loser."

The Donald also revealed that there will be no truce in his war of words with Rosie O'Donnell. "I'm not a big person for burying hatchets," Trump says of his ongoing conflict with Ro. "Frankly, I'm just not a fan."

Mario Lopez had one more question for Trump before he left Donald's NY office -- asking how well the "Extra" host might fare on "Celebrity Apprentice." Trump replied, "Oh, I think you'd win very easily -- especially with the women."