Melissa: 'I Accept Jason's Apology'


Melissa Rycroft rebounded from her "Bachelor" heartbreak by waltzing onto "Dancing with the Stars" last night in an eye-popping outfit -- and she revealed to "Extra" that she's moving on from the Mesnick mess.

Jason has admitted that he was wrong to dump Melissa on national TV -- and sent her a message via "Extra" to say he was sorry. "You don't deserve what happened to you -- and I apologize from the bottom of my heart," said Jason, adding, "But I am very happy for you right now and I know you're in a place you want to be."

The 25-year-old former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader isn't holding a grudge. "I accept the apology -- forgive, forget. I'm moving on, and I'm away from that situation, in a new relationship and a new life really," Melissa revealed. That was quick!

Fellow "DWTS" replacement Holly Madison had nothing but praise for Rycroft -- and dished to "Extra" that Jason is missing out. "I think she's awesome, and the guy who dumped her is stupid," said the Playboy recently un-mansioned bunny.

Melissa's transition from "The Bachelor" to the ballroom didn't disappoint her fans -- or the judging panel! After only 3 days of rehearsal, Rycroft and partner Tony Dovolani scored a 23 -- the second best score of the night!