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Miley's Bio: Of Heartbreak and Hazing

Miley Cyrus, 16, has released an autobiography of her lengthy life. "Miles to Go" talks honestly about about growing up in rural Tennessee, young love, bullies and more.

Check out the raw footage from M's book signing event in NYC!

In its 272 pages, the "Hannah Montana" megastar mentions her first love, whom she refers to only as "Prince Charming." "Everyone goes through hardships and heartbreaks," she says. Alas.

Cyrus also reveals tidbits about hazing in her past. The teeny-bopper writes her life was like a scene out of the movie "Mean Girls." In the 6th grade, bullies would even steal her books, and she admits to having been locked in a school bathroom. Miley told People magazine, "Sometimes I wish I could get an apology, but to be honest, I don't need one. I moved on and I believe they moved on as well."

"Miles to Go" is in bookstores now.