Holmes: 'I'm Not Pregnant'


Katie Holmes is shooting down recent media speculation that she and husband Tom Cruise are expecting a second child -- and opening up about her life outside of the media spotlight.

"I'm not pregnant right now," Katie says in the April issue of Glamour magazine. The 30-year-old actress will celebrate her third anniversary with Cruise this year, and confesses that she'd like to spend it in Rome -- which is "one of the first places we went together," and where the couple said "I do."

Daughter Suri has been a fixture in the headlines since her birth nearly three years ago -- and Holmes gave the magazine a glimpse into their lives that you don't see through paparazzi cameras.

"We like to be together," Katie says of her family. "[We] play Yahtzee, board games, Scrabble. We grill, have pool parties. We play 'The Three Little Pigs,' and Suri is the Big Bad Wolf."

Holmes is also currently at work on a line of clothing for girls, inspired by Suri. "My friend Jeanne Yang and I have been working together," she explains. "We started about a year ago, sketching different things, trying to find comfortable clothing for our daughters that is also pretty and cute. We just started, and we've played around with doing things for women as well."