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Bruce Willis Sued for $4 Million


Bruce Willis' rep tells "Extra" the lawsuit against the actor for allegedly breaching a contract to produce the film, "Three Stories About Joan" "is frivolous and has no merit." The court action alleges Willis quit as a director without notice (in violation of the agreement) and is asking for $4 million.

Willis' rep continues, "In over three decades of practice, I have rarely seen such an absurd lawsuit. The production companies admitted they did not have the financing in place for the film, failed to pay members of the cast and crew, and failed to deposit Bruce Willis' compensation in escrow, which resulted in the film not going forward. After Mr. Willis threatened to sue the production companies for their breach of contract, they responded with this baseless lawsuit. Mr. Willis and other individual producers will proceed with their multi-million-dollar affirmative claims against the production companies this week, and are confident that they will prevail."