Trump Dumps on Octomom: 'An Absolute Catastrophe!'


Donald Trump has a new target. The real estate mogul is sounding off to "Extra" about today's top headlines -- including the Octomom drama!

"I think the Octomom is a total disaster," Trump declares. "She is just an absolute catastrophe. She is not a great role model for people... and I think something has to be done with the children to protect them."

The Donald also had some advice for Rihanna -- to get away from Chris Brown. "Well, from what I understand about abusers, they never change... now that's a pretty sad comment, but they never change. I would tell her to get the hell out of there."

Trumps nemesis Rosie wasn't safe from his acid-tongued rants either! Donald dismisses O'Donnell's claim that she has put down the bottle. "Frankly, I can't believe a thing she says," said Trump. "I don't understand why the television networks keep giving her a chance -- she had a huge failure with her variety show... nobody watched it... but she keeps going so I think she's got a great agent. He should be on 'The Apprentice'."

"Celebrity Apprentice" -- featuring Joan Rivers and Dennis Rodman -- airs Sunday night, and Donald has a strong opinion about his contenders! "The egos are really unbelievable...I don't think I've seen anything like it on television."

There is one celebrity that Trump thinks would be an ideal candidate though -- "Extra" host Mario Lopez! "I think Mario would do great. I watch him all the time -- he's really special. He would win."